Graphic Design

What’s in a logo?

Brand identity aka the lowly company logo is sometimes neglected and left on the shelf as something that once complete will see a business through to the end of time. Whilst many businesses hold this precious marketing tool close to its heart and allow it to evolve alongside the business and its growth, others leave their brand to become stale and it soon becomes something which holds them back in another decade.

Next on the hot list are customers allowing the mis-use of their brand with anything from its colouring, shape and size or even typestyle being altered through its use. It’s a big business with blue chip companies spending thousands, millions even in some cases to ensure that their identity remains consistent across the board whether they be printing stationery, selling online or even down to the packaging that their products are delivered in all remaining corporate.

Does what it says on the tin…..literally….we are bombarded by images and brands on a daily basis and this means that your brand has to compete with the very best. Some brands choose clever ways to incorporate their message although a simple strap line can be used to tell your target audience what you do or sell instantly.



baskin robbins




Unilever use the U to hold images of associated items to the products that they produce, Baskin Robbins have 31 flavours of ice cream – can you see this in their logo? Amazon sell anything from A to Z with a cheeky smirk whilst FedEx have an arrow within the Ex in their brand.

Whatever you choose to do make sure its fresh and kept up-to-date, be consistent with your brand and ensure that it says what you want to tell your customer about you.

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Brand images were sourced via Google as examples and are not for re-use, copyright of their respective companies.
André Bamforth
April 13, 2018