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Crafting a blog to be the cornerstone of a marketing plan.

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Create a single cornerstone blog article that can be utilised and re-purposed to build your monthly online marketing.

Crafting a blog to be the cornerstone of your next marketing plan.

I think that everyone is familiar with the term blogging and it's definitely not something that's new to marketing.

When clients ask if blogging is old hat we'd simply point them in the direction of Google. When you go to 'Google' something, what you're finding is a carefully curated list of blog style materials, neatly listed in a chronological order for you to pick and choose from, proof that even in 2022 the use of blogging is not dead.

So how can we use blogging to form part of a marketing?

That's simple, you first decide what area of the business / niche market / specific product, offer or service that we want to concentrate on.

We work on creating one single written blog article which covers every aspect of your chosen area - this might include pro's/cons, features and benefits, industry information, related info, history, predicted future impact, production methods, environmental issues, reviews, testimonials, business values, business vision, people & places, trends etc etc.

This article will form the base root for the language that you'll use in your marketing and the key terms that you use to promote the business online. Once you've written this comprehensive piece you'll be able to break it down into smaller pieces for your blog, email marketing, even smaller again for social posts and create monthly marketing and social media plans around the single article. Working in this way ensures that you keep everything relatable to your original goal and saves time and effort by utilising and re-purposing copy from one article.

How could this benefit my business?

Attract An Audience - Using a blog you're able to inspire people in an infinite number of ways. Imagine using your words to inspire and help people.

Tell Your Story - Blogging is a great way to express the values of your business and tell your personal business story. This creates a connection with your audience.

Share The Benefits of Your Service or Products - Share stories or testimonials about customers who have benefitted from your products or services.

Build Your Brand Online - By providing value to your readers, you'll soon become recognisable in your industry.

Boost Your Google Ranking - Google loves fresh information so the more you share and use your business keywords it'll help boost your rankings.

We hope that you find our tips useful - blogging is an all round great way to boost your Lincolnshire based business. If you'd like to know more or find out how you could incorporate a blog into your marketing email: hello@edgeinteractive.org.uk