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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Natural Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is typically the most common form of Search Engine Marketing as a website that has been optimised well will appear at the top of search engines for a longer period of time. The websites that have been listed in Google with Pay Per Click advertising however will usually disappear when the customer has stopped paying. Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the optimising of a website to receive better ranks within search engines such as Google. How Google ranks a website is determined upon a number of factors which must be taken into account.

Google will send a “Google bot” or a “spider” which will “crawl” the internet following links to other web pages and resources. The web pages it finds are then indexed back into the search engine and given a ranking based on all factors gathered from the web page / web pages. How the website is ranked is determined by the content within the website. In conclusion Search Engine Optimisation is finding the best ways to optimise your website for search engines to achieve the highest possible ranking for your particular subject matter. For us to complete the keyword research we use multiple tools to work how much each of the keywords relevant to you is searched each month. After this we review the valuable keywords to see which ones are more likely to convert into a purchase or a lead. After carrying out the competitor analysis and checking that your keywords have high search volumes and well targeted, we start building them into your website.

Social Media Services

You can utilise social media marketing to increase sales by increasing traffic to your website. A good social media marketing strategy can be a huge advantage to your business if it is done correctly.

Social media can be leveraged to increase the popularity of your brand and the community around your products and services. Customers now expect to find you on Facebook and Twitter if you are to be recognised as a reputable company. It’s a great way to post content with keywords related to your business and your services / products which in turn works well for search engine optimisation. Social Media is a way of engaging with your clients and consumers. They can post comments on status updates and promotions and offers. They can write reviews and more importantly share your services with their friends and contacts.

Take a look at the companies that get it right. Companies, who are successful in using social media drive sales, build traffic, hire employees, build a community and create a positive, well-known brand. Here at Edge we have developed a range of packages in line with popular social media activities. Each package incorporates elements of social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube amongst others. It is also possible to design custom packages to suit client needs and budgets.

Social Media Services
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